Honour Monash - A great Australian
Promote him Posthumously to Field Marshal by 11 November 2018
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You can help the campaigh for JOHN MONASH to be promoted Field Marshal by 11 November 2018 by taking simple steps:

Sign the Petition VVV
Write to your Member of Parliament VVV
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 The Petition  

The petition you will be putting your names to reads:

To the Honourable the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia.

JOHN MONASH was recognised as the most effective commander in France, 1918. He commanded an Army of five Australian Divisions (up to eight Divisions when international resources were added to his command at one time) designated a Corps by the British to keep the upstart “Dominion” of Australia in its place.

In the civil sphere his engineering skills built much of Victoria’s early infrastructure and mastered brown coal as a source for that state’s electricity. His community status enabled him to resolve a major police strike in Victoria and ensured there was no anti-Semitism in Australia. As a true democrat, he stood against fascism.

We whose names appear below request the posthumous promotion of JOHN MONASH to the rank of Field Marshal in the Australian Defence Force. Thus honouring a great Australian.

CLICK HERE to sign the online petition.

A link to electronically sign the Petition will be available shortly.

 Write to your Member of Parliament go to top of page

You can write to your local Member of Parliament. The link below takes you to a suggested text, simply use the button below to download a suggested text, adjust it as you see fit and send it off yo your local Member of Parliament.

CLICK HERE to download suggested text.

You can also visit your local MP and lobby them in person if you feel up to it.

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Most of the resources needed for this campaign are being given freely by the volunteers supporting it. The campaign is not, however, without a number of minor administrative costs. You can assist by activating the donate button below. a donation of $1000 or more will receive a special certificate of thanks signed by our Patron Professor Roland Perry OAM and the Honourable Tim Fischer AC the Chairman SMC.

Please use the button below to donate using either your PayPal Account; Visa, Mastercard or AMEX credit cards; Direct Debit; Cheque or Money Order.


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medallionMedallions have been struck to assist this campaign and remember the brilliance of General Sir John Monash. To date, there has been no financial assistance and your support is needed.

Colours used in the medallions:

Surround - brown represents the mud of the western front

Ribbon - khaki of the soldiers’ uniforms of WWI.

The Medallions have a neck ribbon so that the Medallion and War Bar(s) can be worn on appropriate occasions. The reverse side has a space to engrave messages.

The medallions are for descendants of WWI Veterans and/or supporters who are keen to support the promotion of Monash to Field Marshal. On the success of the campaign, you will know that you have helped make Australian history. Wearing the medallion will be a positive indication of your support.

The medallions are available for $52.50 inc GST, packing and postage.

CLICK HERE to purchase a Descendant's Medallion

CLICK HERE to purchase a Supporter's Medallion

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